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Disclaimer LLC LLC is the Freight Broker Agent Course, which strives to give you the optimum chance for success in the freight broker or freight broker agent industry. We do not promise or guarantee or imply that you or that your application of our services, will improve your business or increase your revenues. The time it takes an individual and/or business to get established, will vary per person, and there is no promise or guarantees that you will in fact be able to get established, as this depends solely upon your own efforts and determination towards your goals.  As we have stated "What you put into this - is what you will get out of it".

As an "Agent" you will be given instructions on how to broker a load from start to finish.  What to look for before signing on with a Broker, as a Broker Agent.  But it is up to you to contact the Broker's yourself for a position as an agent.  We will instructed you on what to ask, what to watch and question to ask to make sure you pick a great Broker to work for.  You will receive a list of around "100+" Brokers that are looking for agents.  It is then up to you to call the Broker's and you choose which Broker to sign on with and work under.   

As a "Broker" you will be given instruction on how to broker a load from start to finish.  How to set up you're business as a corporation and as a freight brokerage business.  Where to get you license, bond or trust, process agent and insurance if wanting.  We will also share how to bring on agents once you get established as a full freight broker in this industry, and so much more!

As with any service-oriented business, successful or unsuccessful use of our services will vary widely among our clients depending on many factors, including but not limited to, the clients’ marketing skills, creative motivation, level of effort, individual expertise, current business contacts, business experience, cost of doing business, personal capital needs and the ability to identify opportunity and understand the freight broker industry. We also know that some of our clients will not implement our service program, applying the necessary time and effort to establish a service-oriented business: We obviously cannot compel you to implement our services nor can we ensure and verify that you fully understand the nature of this industry and its demands.  We supply you tools to go into this industry, but it is up to the student to go after it, whether you want to be a Broker or an Agent.

For all these reasons your purchase of our Training Manual" which comes with the service of instruction, and the use of the information should be based upon your own due diligence and judgment on how best to use our services. You should not view our company’s services as responsible for any success or failure of your business. Your decision to purchase our training manual and the use our information and services should be based on your own due diligence. The sole key to your success depends upon you. 

Note: Once our "Training Manual" is shipped from LLC - Which is "Copyrighted" will shipped with a tracking number and once received by signature delivery, there are no refunds given back to student in any shape and/or form, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  "NO REFUNDS GIVEN IN ANY SHAPE AND/OR FORM" and "NO CHARGE BACK, and/or BILL-BACKS THROUGH PAYPAL SERVICES IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM".  PayPal has been advised of this disclaimer.

Any payments received by using the PayPal Credit Card service is NOT-REFUNDABLE for any means, shape and/or form.  We are here to share what knowledge that we have learned and develop over 27 years.  You are purchasing a "Manual" to study for you the individual. .


NOTE:  Restocking Fee:  $500.00  (By Corporate Decision Only)


Our Motto:  It doesn't hurt to light one candle with another!   Share the knowledge!