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Is a great business to get into and why? 

Because everything you eat, drink, wear and use comes on a truck.  This is a fast pace and fun industry to get into and this industry will never stop.  We are here to show you how to broker a load from start to finish.  We tell everyone who calls us "What you put into this, is what you will get out of it."  How much you earn all depends on you.  How much gumption and initiative that you put forth.   Once you are done with the course you will know whether or not you wish to be a Freight Broker or Broker Agent.   

Entrepreneur Magazine rated this one of the top industry to be involved with... so what are you waiting for?    To understand more about our course, go to our buttons above and click away!

To ask us more question or set an appointment call the main office at:  888-222-0829. Speak to an instructor at: 678-343-0088.  Note: Please do leave a message if we do not answer, we are either in a training session or on the other line.

To become a Freight Broker you can get your Registration Fee, USR Registration, Broker Authority - Process Agent/BOC-3 - for only $895 and a yearly Broker Bond from $750 to $3500 depending on your credit.


So you want to start your own "Freight Broker Business" or wish to be a "Broker Agent" for a brokerage firm... you have come to the right place. 

Our instructor has over 27 years experience in business and has been educating individuals since 2000.  Offering you the chance to learn a new career and for giving us the opportunity of showing you how to start and develop this business.  Not only will you learn how to broker a load from start to finish, but you will learn how to incorporate you business, how to building your business credit and even how to buys a company vehicle at a discount.  Read our blog and see what others have to say about our training.  We do not hide anything from our students.  We share the knowledge!             

"It Does Not Hurt To Light One Candle With Another"

Our Motto:
"IN OFFICE COURSE"FEE: $950  -  Each Extra Person Add: $600 

Please Read:   The "In Office Course" is located in Winder, Georgia.  Located about an hour from the Hartsfield Airport.  This course is a two day course.  Once you go home you have 9 assignments (how to fill out the paperwork) and 5 online testing to complete.  Don't worry you have the opportunity of taking the tests each 3 time.  These tests are to make sure you understood everything the instructor taught you.  If for some reason you did not understand something, the instructor will get on the phone and go back over it with you.  With this course you receive your own training manual.  The manual goes over brokering a load from start to finish, pricing a load, finding shipper and carriers and so much more.  Look at our calendar for what dates are available.  Then call us to reserve your dates.

This course is offered as a one-on-one course.  But... if you wish for someone else to come with you, there is a discount.  Add only $500 more per person you invite.  And if you are not wanting to share your training manual with them, they must purchase their own training manual - add an additional - $100.  Call us at 1-888-222-0829 to email you an invoice you, for each extra person that you are adding to your class. 

Once your course is complete your course, you will receive a "Certificate of Completion".

Note:  There is a requirement of $250 to hold your 2 dates - or - If you would like your training manual in advance before your coming to class, you must pay for the course in full.  All paid in full courses your training manual will be shipped in advance to study.  Once we have shipped your training manual we will then email you the tracking number.  Usually takes between 1-3 days to receive.  Shipping Is Free!  


Dates Available To Book       Pay  In  Full = $950

"INTERNET/PHONE COURSE "Fee: $850 - Each Extra Person Add: $450 

Please Read:   For the "Internet / Phone Conferencing Course" you can call our office at (1-888-222-0829) to set up your scheduling with an instructor.  We offer day and night classes.  Using a "state-of-the-art online training system".  While using the online conferencing you will be showed how to post loads, search for shippers and carrier companies.  Educate you on  what is needed to broker a load from start to finish.  With this course you receive your own training manual and the course usually takes 2 days to 2 weeks.  This all depends on scheduling and how fast you do you assignments and online testing.

You may wish for someone else train with you.  They must be able to be on the phone and the internet at the same time as you.  There is a discount for each extra person of $450.  And if you are not wanting to share your training manual with them, they must purchase their own training manual - add an additional $100.  Call us at 1-888-222-0829 to email you an invoice you for each extra person, that you are adding to your class. 

Once your course is complete your course, you will receive a "Certificate of Completion".

Note:  Course must be paid in full in order for your training manual to be shipped and usually takes 1-3 days to receive.  Once we have shipped your training manual we then email you the tracking number.  Shipping Is Free!

Why does this course cost more than "In Office"?  Due to the fact we have to pay our instructor extra for evening trainings and software conferencing fees.

    Pay  In  Full = $850


They flew Instructor Maria to Kilgore, TX to train this crazy fun group!

Michael D. States:  First off... Let me just say "THANK YOU" for your time and attitude.  I came here with an open mind not knowing what to expect and honestly a little nervous.  That being said, you've made learning this new language easy, funny and relaxed.  I appreciate any and all help you can give me in the future.  Have a safe trip.

Sally B. States:  Maria, This seminar and your presentations were very informative, well designed and easy to follow.  Your upbeat style and energy is just what this group needed to light a fire under everyone.  I thought the notebook was a great tool, easy to follow and a good manual going forward.  I loved the side-bars of information on personal business planning, good ideas, and how to set-up business in your home.  Really enjoyed meeting you and hope we will keep in touch.  Thanks.

Aaron M.  Thank you for taking the time to teach us about the logistics of this industry.  As far as I know, you taught me everything I need to succeed in this industry.  I know how entertaining we must have been and I loved you having fun with us.  Hopefully we'll do ya' proud.  Go Broncos!

Scott L. States:  It was amazing and very educational.  I enjoyed every minute of it, and look forward to talking to you soon.  Hopefully with good news.  Thanks again.

Justin K. States:  Thank you very much for the training here in Texas.  I thought you did a fantastic job.  You really seen to know your stuff, and that makes me comfortable in this new adventure.  I look forward to getting into this field, and trying it out on my own.  Thanks Again.

Anthony F. States:  I've learned how to book a load. What forms to fill out and where they are to be sent.  I feel like I have an idea of the sequence of events that need to take place for the business to be a go.  Looking forward to getting my feet wet and becoming part of a strong team.

Tere P. States:  You made it all together!!!  Don't over think it!!!  It is what it is!!!  Thanks for coming.  Really enjoyed meeting you and Jada.

The program was comprehensive and fun!  I am excited about starting a new career in this business.  The instructor really removed the veil of secrecy surrounding the freight broker business.

Please Read:  

This is an opportunity to learn even more about this business.  Not only will you learn how to broker a load from start to finish as the above class teach, we offer this weekend workshop on how to become an independent owner operator or start you own fleet.  Learn how to get your authority whether you wish to be a freight broker or an owner operator.  Workshop Fee:  $1850  /  $1450 for each extra person who comes with you - same date. 

Next Workshop:  July 29th & 30th 2017 - Location:  Conyers, GA

PAY 1/2 DOWN & 1/2 - 3 Days Prior To Workshop


Instructor Maria is a great teacher!  She makes learning fun and simple.  She's very detail in getting you to understand the business with all its ins and outs.  She's a very well educated and spiritual person.  Keep up the great work in helping others in reaching their full potential!

LaWanda States: Mrs. Maria has been a delight.  I found that  a balance of educating the class.. ad humor.  The information taught was precise. She was extremely patient.  Knowledge worthy, resourceful.  I also like the fact that she was able to paint pictures for those of us who needed it at times.  I would definitely recommend just about every future Broker / Agent be trained by Maria.  I can only expect my retention will excel even more considering the test that will be administered.  I really enjoyed the POSITIVE ENERGY!

Iana States:  Very interesting and informative!  Thank you for being open and real.

Michael States: I really had a great time.  Very, very wonderful life lesson and learning experience.

Robert States:  It was a great experience.  I love the environment and how you offer the one on one with us... it was great!!!

Who Are The Key Players?

This industry is so huge and diverse requires a wide range of participants to thrive. Some of these participants titles may be a bit confusing and some of their responsibilities may overlap. But to keep things as clear and simple as possible, let's look at who the key players are and what they do. LLC

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